others&they is the brand and work of artist Kloe Watts, with colour and kindness taking centre stage. Each item is lovingly hand crafted in Yorkshire, providing a one stop shop for tufted artworks, vibrant rugs and colourful yarn products, inspired by organic shapes and local landscapes. 

Sustainability and community are at the heart of the brands identity and focus. Using second hand yarn and off-cuts whenever possible and creating hand crafted items that will last a lifetime are both ways others&they aim to be a zero waste and environmentally aware brand. others&they also commit (a percentage) of profits from collections to be donated to local charities and causes, benefitting the very area and people that inspire the brand and its designs. 

With a background making rugs stretching back nearly a decade, this has grown organically into what you see today. At the heart of everything is a deep love of colour and not taking any of it too seriously. The world is grey enough without bringing that into your beloved spaces.